S.D Theofylaktos S.A has been operating in the Greek market since 1992. Providing goods and services of highest quality has
been the company’s mission for almost three decades. For this reason, the company serves over 2,000 corporate annual clients in Greece and Cyprus. Through honesty and consistency, the Theofylaktos brand has become synonymous with reliability and quality, earning the market’s trust.
Theofylaktos diaries and notebooks are produced by Boost Group, the largest production unit specializing in diary
publications in the world. Based in Bergamo, Italy, Boost is exporting goods worldwide, utilizing unique and advanced machinery to achieve unmatched bookbinding quality.As a strategic partner of Boost in Greece and Cyprus, S.D Theofylaktos S.A channels more than 1 million copies yearly, and is rightfully considered the market leader.


Our Mission
S.D Theofylaktos S.A was founded in 1992 to be the first Greek company specializing in diary publications. A diary is an essential time management and organization tool for every professional and every student. It needs to be durable, light, functional as well as aesthetically pleasing to be used rigorously on a daily basis. S.D Theofylaktos S.A strives to provide just that: The ideal diary or everyone. After three decades operational, Theofylaktos diaries have become the go-to promotional gift for thousands of companies, and the preferred choice of retail buyers in stores nationwide.
2019 - PROMO
Starting 2019, the company has successfully entered the markets of promotional clothing, and custom gift of all kinds. A new promo division has been formed through the employment of experienced sales executives with high market knowledge and expertise. Meanwhile, the company has begun healthy cooperation with the largest and most well known suppliers to ensure highest quality of goods and services. Hence, the clients of S.D Theofylaktos S.A now have the opportunity to order custom clothing, accessories, tech gadgets and a multitude of other promotional wares of highest quality and of premium design.
2018 – MERGER
2018 brings significant developments in the world diary business, as two major players go through a merger. Both based in Bergamo, Italy, Lediberg S.p.a and its competitor Johnson, merge to form Boost S.p.a, the largest dedicated diary and notebook supplier worldwide. As a strategic partner of newly formed Boost, Theofylaktos S.A endeavors to utilize the specialized knowledge, experience and expertise of its sales executives to expand its business in other markets of the Balkans and the Middle East.
The Ivory Collection of diaries and notebooks enters the Greek and Cyprus market, exclusively by S.D Theofylaktos S.A. Ivory Diaries & Notes offer a complete set of features such as elastic, pen loop, back cover folder and high quality binding with exquisite materials. This new and refreshing line of products boasts significant advantages in quality and features, at a very affordable cost. 
S.D Theofylaktos S.A undertakes the exclusive disposal of the promotional series of Staedtler, a most well known German brand specializing in writing instruments. The highly recognizable Staedtler products paired with high-end customer care of S.D Theofylaktos S.A become a staple in the Greek and Cyprus markets.
2001 – GALAIOS
The company proceeds with the acquisition of the competitor “Galaios Diary System”. Through this acquisition, S.D Theofylaktos S.A achieves significant growth through inheriting the competitor’s clients as well as integrating their experienced and capable sales executives into the sales team. 
The company publishes the “Greek Economic Diary” for the first time. The GED is a special diary edition enhanced with accurate and useful economic scenarios through collaboration with ICAP S.A, the most prominent analytics firm operating in the Greek market. The Greek Economic Diary becomes a highly sought after edition by professionals of all fields, due to its unique format and accurate market information.
S.D Theofylaktos S.A is founded in 1992, as Sotiris Theofylaktos establishes exclusive partnership collaboration with Italian Lediberg S.p.a (current Boost S.p.a), a worldwide exporter of high quality diaries and notebooks, with unparalleled expertise and production capacity, specializing in diaries.
Sotiris Theofylaktos, president and CEO of S.D Theofylaktos S.A publishes the first diary. His goal is to satisfy the increasing demand for a high quality custom diary as a promotional gift.


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